Friday 08 December 2023
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specialty coffees

Indonesian premium coffees stole world’s attention at coffee expo in Seattle

SEATTLE, U.S — Indonesian premium coffee managed to record a potential transaction worth USD25 million at the 2018 Global Specialty Coffee Expo (GSCE) in...

Sandalj creates the culture of specialty coffee at Host Milano 2017

TRIESTE, Italy – Sandalj Trading Company returns to Host with an intense programme of cup tasting sessions with a focus on the coffee producing...

Why we need to stop talking about “Specialty Coffee”. Beyond marketing

SYDNEY, Australia – “It’s like we decided long ago that everything better than ‘not complete shit’ should sit in the same category,” says Andrew Kelly of Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co. The world-recognised roaster is done with the term “specialty coffee” – a description so common in the modern marketplace that it’s become meaningless.

SPECIALTY COFFEES – Geisha Panama exclusive from Exotic Origins Coffee

SANDPOINT, Idaho – Exotic Origins Coffee is on a mission to offer a deeper experience for adventurous palates by offering consumers direct access to...

CANADA – A first in Quebec Van Houtte Café-Bistros go 100% Fairtrade

MONTREAL, QC – Van Houtte announces that its 61 Café-Bistros across Quebec will be serving only 100% fairtrade coffee certified by Fairtrade Canada. In...

COLOMBIA – Export of specialty coffees to hit a new record in 2013

BOGOTA – Between January 2013 and the second week of October the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation´s (FNC) specialty coffee exports surpassed 1 million coffee...

COLOMBIA – Café de Colombia is on the rise among international markets

BOGOTA – The presence of Colombian coffee continues rising in countries that recognize its unique qualities. Besides the increase in Colombian green coffee exports,...

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