Friday 02 June 2023
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soft drink

Cott announces the sale of its soft drink concentrate production business

TORONTO and TAMPA, FL, U.S. – Cott Corporation has announced the sale of its soft drink concentrate production business and its RCI International division...

Pepsi launching first ever nitrogen-infused soda called “Nitro Pepsi”

MILAN — Pepsi is launching a new nitrogen-infused soft drink called Nitro Pepsi, the company announced Thursday. According to Pepsi's press release, Nitro Pepsi...

Japanese soft drink company Asahi introduces transparent coffee

Japan is at it again, after sending the Internet into a frenzy with the release of transparent milk tea last September and before that,...

Should the soft drinks levy be extended to coffee shop confectionary?

LONDON, UK – Health campaigners have called on the next government to extend the soft drinks levy to confectionery containing the highest levels of sugar. Chocolate and sweets are already included in Public Health England’s (PHE) programme aiming for a 20% reduction in sugar by 2020.

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