Monday 08 August 2022
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reviving origins program

Nespresso launches Kahawa ya Congo to revive the coffee sector and communities

VEVEY, Switzerland – Nespresso launched Kahawa ya Congo – a smooth and fruity organic coffee made possible only through the unique brand’s Reviving Origins...

Nespresso invests in the revival of the coffee sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Nespresso yesterday announced a long-term commitment to revive the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) coffee industry, under its unique Reviving Origins...

Nespresso introduces Amaha awe Uganda, ′Hope of Uganda′ to support Rwenzori farmers

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Nespresso today introduces Amaha awe Uganda, ‘Hope of Uganda’, a new and seasonal coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda made...

Nespresso launches Cafecito de Puerto Rico, revives the island’s coffee sector

NEW YORK, U.S. — Nespresso announces the launch of Cafecito de Puerto Rico, its very first Puerto Rican coffee, available exclusively to U.S. consumers....

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