Wednesday 06 July 2022
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Greenesso launches cutting-edge device with refillable coffee capsules

LEOBEN, Austria – Austria-based visionary brand, Greenesso, has recently launched an innovative handy device on Kickstarter that comes with highly advanced stainless steel refillable...

Nestlé pilots reusable and refillable dispensers for soluble coffee

VEVEY, Switzerland – Nestlé is piloting reusable and refillable dispensers for petcare and soluble coffee as part of its efforts to reduce single-use packaging....

US – Muze Imports launches refillable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

BATON ROUGE, LA – Muze Imports, Ltd’ a Louisiana based company announced the launch of its new product ‘Muzes Refillable Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules’...

US – Crimson Cup celebrates Earth Day with coffee bag giveaway, growler promotion

COLUMBUS, Ohio – To encourage recycling on Earth Day, Crimson Cup Coffee House will give away burlap coffee sacks and offer $5 refills of...

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