Saturday 30 September 2023
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Uk independent cafés show resilience, but are still vulnerable to tough trading

LONDON, UK – The Rise of Independents, Allegra World Coffee Portal’s unparalleled research on the UK’s innovative and diverse market for independent cafés, reveals...

Global specialty coffee market to hit $ 83.5 billion by 2025, says report

DALLAS, Texas – The Global specialty coffee market was valued at a revenue of USD 35,867.5 million and volume of 973,999.0 tons in 2018,...

Ico Market Report pegs world production for 2018/19 at 168.77 mln bags

LONDON, UK — The monthly average of the ICO composite indicator rose by 3% to 103.01 US cents/lb in July 2019, which is the...

US branded coffee shop market exceed 40,800 outlets by 2023, says report

LONDON — The US branded coffee shop market will exceed 40,800 outlets by 2023, representing 5-year CAGR growth of 2.8%, according to a new report from...

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