Sunday 04 June 2023
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Paulig, K Group plant over 86k coffee, shade trees in Nicaragua

HELSINKI, Finland – Paulig ’s and K Group’s successful sustainability campaign has reached the coffee farms. 84,000 new coffee trees and 2,000 shade trees...

K Group, Paulig join forces to promote sustainable coffee cultivation in Nicaragua

HELSINKI, Finland – K Group and Paulig are extending their collaboration to support the livelihood of coffee farmers and sustainable cultivation practices. The goal...

K Group, Paulig and Globe Hope launch Finland’s first recycling pilot for coffee packages

HELSINKI, Finland – K Group, Paulig and Globe Hope have joined forces to launch the first ever recycling pilot in Finland for coffee packages...

K Group’s own brand chocolates and cocoa to contain certified cocoa only

MILAN – In accordance with the new cocoa policy issued today, all cocoa used in K Group ’s own brand cocoa drinks, chocolate confectionary...

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