Wednesday 29 June 2022
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Wcr and Cirad work together to create the Arabusta for the 21st century

PORTLAND, U.S. — On the island of East Timor, sometime in the 1920s, an impossible legend was born: the Timor Hybrid. Somehow, a C....

#Everybodyeverywhere: With Hybrid, you can always serve excellent coffee

SUSEGANA, Italy - The first two episodes of the new #EverybodyEverywhere video campaign starring HYbrid, the first espresso machine combining the ease of use...

Robusta Cola? Coke to launch coffee-cola hybrid also in Thailand

Ever mixed coffee and Coca Cola? Yeah, neither have we, and yet we’re about to get the chance to find out what it tastes...

Astoria at Scaj 2017 World Specialty Coffee Exhibition to captivate Japan

SUSEGANA, Italy – For the third consecutive year, Astoria will participate in the SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition, the most important Asian...

Rust-resistant variety scores 90 points in Nicaragua CoE competition

COLLEGE STATION, TX, U.S. – A coffee variety called Centroamericano, part of a new class of F1 hybrid varieties, has proven its quality potential by earning a score of 90 out of 100 points in the world’s leading competition and award for high quality coffees, the Cup of Excellence, in Nicaragua.

Löfbergs first with Scania’s new climate-smart plug-in hybrid truck

KARLSTAD, Sweden – It is strong as an elephant, quiet as a mouse, and it reduces carbon emissions with up to 92 per cent. Scania's new plug-in hybrid made its first appearance in Sweden last week ...

Java Monster introduces Salted Caramel, the hybrid coffee + energy drink

Corona, CA, U.S. - Java Monster is excited to introduce its newest addition to the Java line, Salted Caramel, a non-carbonated hybrid coffee +...

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