Tuesday 27 September 2022
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Harvesting advances, but supply of new beans is still low in the Brazilian market

Although the 2018/19 harvesting was at a good pace in Brazil in June, only a few batches with new coffee were traded in the...

Cepea: Harvesting of the 2018/19 Arabica season has started in Paraná

Harvesting of the 2018/19 arabica season has started in Paraná. Cepea collaborators have reported that something from 10% to 15% of the estimated output...

Cepea: Weather favors 18/19 robusta crop, but may delay harvesting

SÃO PAULO — The pace of coffee trades was slow in Brazil in February. Regarding arabica, after the sharp price drops in the domestic and...

Brazil: Arabica quality improves, processing delayed by low temperatures

SAO PAULO, Brazil – Arabica harvesting advanced in all Brazilian regions in July, favored by the drier weather; however, retraction of purchasers and sellers kept the pace of trades very slow. According to agents consulted by Cepea, low temperatures delayed the processing of beans, mainly the drying process, limiting supply in the spot market.

Harvesting advance presses down quotes in Brazil, reports CEPEA

SAO PAULO, Brazil –The coffee harvesting in the 2017/18 season has advanced in most Brazilian producing regions, favored by firm weather. Thus, prices dropped in Brazil in June. Robusta quotes decreased 17.79 reais per 60-kilo bag in the month. On June 30, the CEPEA/ESALQ Index of robusta type 6, screen 13, Espírito Santo State ...

Vietnam’s export up 8 percent in last month

MILAN - Vietnam, the world's top Robusta producer, exported 96,000 tons (1.6 million 60-kg bags) of coffee in November, an 8 percent increase from...

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