Wednesday 06 July 2022
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Not only is this coffee cup beautiful, but it’s made from coffee husks

MILAN – Say good morning to HuskeeCup, the reusable alternative to traditional coffee cups that will have you getting your caffeine fix in the most environmentally friendly way. Australian company Huskee is answering the waste disposal problems of coffee processing by using the discarded husks of coffee beans to create cups that ...

Collapsible coffee cup could save tax and trees

LONDON - Pokito is a collaspible, reusable coffee cup designed and manufactured in Engalnd, which its inventors hopes will solve the paper cup mountain...

Taza Agua gets award for bottling water to make coffee

COSTA RICA (PRWEB)  – Taza Agua, the world’s first to market bottled water company designed specifically for America’s $18 billion dollar annual coffee market, has...

This waitress has some crazy reflexes amazing on camera

A waitress has showed off an amazing sense of timing while working at the Posito bar in the town of Moaña, Pontevedra, Spain. The woman was reaching overhead for a mug, but before she ...

These are the best coffee beans in the world, according to an executive of a popular coffee startup

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. While the saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for many ...

Quotes about coffee: “His smile was like a Dylan album and …”

"His smile was like a Dylan album and ..."

Quotes about coffee: “Coffee is a lot more than just a drink …”

"Coffee is a lot more than just a drink ..."

​Hugh Jackman: Changing lives, one cup of coffee at a time

Hugh Jackman is a Tony- and Emmy Award-winning actor whose most important role might just might be in the coffee business. He's been talking...

Criticism over coffee cup waste leads to Starbucks discount

by Hannah Furlong*A successful campaign led by chef-turned

Introducing coffee cups that contain their OWN seeds to plant trees

California company "Reduce. Reuse. Grow" has launched biodegradable coffee cups that contain seeds within their structure. So, what does this mean for you and...

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