Thursday 29 September 2022
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Commodities decline on global growth uncertainty and Coronavirus worries

NEW YORK, U.S. — Commodities generally declined after the spread of the novel Coronavirus weighed on demand expectations for most Index constituents and renewed...

Commodities declined in November on loosening supply fundamentals

NEW YORK, U.S. – Commodities declined on loosening supply fundamentals and improving risk appetite for gold. The Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return was lower for the month, with 11 of 23 constituents posting losses.

Coffee is the most traded and most valuable commodity at Ecx

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – In the month of September 2019, trade at the ECX trading platform had been conducted for 20 days during which...

Commodities decreased due to high crop supply expectations, says Credit Suisse

NEW YORK, U.S. — Commodities decreased slightly due to higher agricultural supply expectations and reduced safe haven demand for gold and silver. The Bloomberg Commodity...

Olam International quarterly profits drop 14.2% on tough trading conditions in coffee

SINGAPORE – Olam International Q3 profits drop 14.2% to $20.7m from $24.11m in 2017, the company reported on Wednesday. However, its revenue jumped 23.6%...

Coffee is the most traded commodity at the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Ethiopia Commodity Exchange traded 29,415 tons of coffee, 28,929 tons of sesame seed, 5,660 tons of white pea beans, and...

Ethiopia: Export reform aims to boost Forex earnings from coffee

Ethiopia has come up with new export reform to boost foreign exchange earnings from primary export commodities. The reform is set to introduce value...

Ethiopia: ECX plans to introduce identity preserve trade for coffee

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has been building regional trading centers to improving its accessibility across the country, particularly around major regional agricultural hubs. The exchange has been building regional trading centers in Hawassa, Nekemete, and Humera whose constructions are fully completed.

India suspends imports of six Vietnamese agro-products, including coffee

HANOI, Vietnam – The move comes after the Vietnamese government's decision to halt five commodities from India. India has suspended the import of six commodities from Vietnam, including coffee beans and black pepper, citing pest infections, India's agriculture ministry said.

North Sulawesi to export coffee to China and Italy

The Indonesian province of North Sulawesi will export coffee from Kotamobagu City to China and Italy, as demand for it is high in those countries. "According to a plan this year, North Sulawesi ...

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