Wednesday 07 December 2022
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coffee shops

Starting coffee shops gains popularity among young people in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – Opening a coffee shop is one of the most popular businesses being pursued by young South Koreans in recent years,...

DOCASA launches Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in the U.S.A.

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., U.S. – DOCASA, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Limited, announces the launch in the U.S. of...

Coffee makes 60% of Germans happier, says new survey from Mintel

BERLIN – It’s safe to say that coffee is an ingrained part of German culture and while its qualities as a mental stimulant are well known, it seems that it is widely considered an emotional stimulant, too. According to new research from global market intelligence agency Mintel, three in five (60%) German consumers say that drinking coffee ...

The coffice trend should be embraced by UK bosses, says research

LONDON – There's something oddly endearing about the rise of the coffice, largely in part due to how coffee shops helped launch 17th-century Britain into a more productive era. Author Steve Johnson explained in a 2010 TED talk that prior to the invention of the coffee house, everyone stumbled around drunk ...

Coffee shops in Mexico are booming says new survey from GlobalData

MEXICO CITY – The taste for coffee is developing fast in Mexico and sales in coffee and tea shops are going to grow by four percent until 2021. According to a recent GlobalData survey, 61 percent of 25-34 year-olds visit a coffee shop more than once a week, and 55 percent of coffee shop visitors are women.

Stale coffee shop food menus leave consumers unsatisfied, says report

LONDON – A new report by UCC Coffee UK & Ireland says coffee shop food menus are falling short of the mark, with operators missing vital food sales opportunities.

Study finds unsecured coffee shop Wi-Fi is particularly ‘high-risk’

MILAN – Public Wi-Fi networks are an absolute godsend. They act as our lifeline to the outside world while travelling or even just when the 4G is down. But have you thought about the potential risks these open networks might pose to your privacy? A new security report has warned of the potential security dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi ...

A quarter of British entrepreneurs prefer coffee shops to their office

LONDON, UK – 27% of the UK’s small business owners have said they prefer to work in coffee shops over their usual office space, according to new research from Direct Line. Coffee shops were the top choice for remote entrepreneurs, followed by restaurants (14%), bars (11%) and parks (8%).

H&M launches new upmarket stores with Nordic-inspired coffee shop

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Swedish retail giant, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) have announced the launch of a new addition to its fashion portfolio. Arket, described as a “modern-day market that will offer essential products for men, women, children and home” will open its first store on London's Regent Street ...

Starbucks coffee shops across the UAE now includes a dedicated book corner

ABU DHABI, United Arabi Emirates – A new project has been launched by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in a number of malls across the UAE as part of its participation in the Month of Reading this month. As part of the 'Book Corners in Coffee Shops' programme, Starbucks coffee shops across the UAE now includes ...

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