Sunday 02 October 2022
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The countdown is on for Coffee Shop Innovation (26 & 27 September)

LONDON – The Coffee Shop Innovation is the UK's leading event for professionals working across the café, coffee shop, and catering industries. Packed with seminars,...

Aerosmith drummer’s coffee shop in North Attleborough has closed

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Massachusetts, U.S. – The Rockin' & Roastin' Café in North Attleboro has closed. The rock ‘n’ roll- themed coffee shop was owned by Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer. It opened during the summer of 2016. The Sun Chronicle reported on Thursday that the shop was bought out by another coffee company

A Christchurch cafe is using the power of coffee to solve global problems

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand – It's Friday morning and the Addington Coffee Co-op is bustling with the busy brunch crowd. Today's customers include mums and babies on the comfy couches, business types conducting meetings over the tables and solo customers plugging away at laptops.

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso opens new coffee shop in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand – Bangkok, also known as the “City of Angels”, is the capital and economic heart of Thailand where most people converge when visiting the Country. This is the strategic location chosen by Segafredo Zanetti Espresso to open its last café, in partnership with Central Food Retail.

This country drinks more coffee than any other nation in the world

HELSINKI, Finland – In Helsinki’s 60-year old Café Succès, I watched a couple old Finnish women chatting over coffee and pastries by the window. Beside them, an anxious businessman checked his phone as ...

MZB Group opens new Segafredo Zanetti Espresso café in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, People's Republic of China – Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group keeps strenghtening its presence in Asia and announces the opening of a new Segafredo Zanetti Espresso outlet in Jinqiao, Shanghai in cooperation with its franchisee TNPI. The coffee shop is strategically positioned inside the China Business and Technology site ...

Tim Hortons opened this café in Toronto to prove a point about its coffee

TORONTO, Canada – Tim Hortons is the pride and joy of Canada, but its coffee doesn't always have the best reputation. That may be why the coffee chain introduced its latest product without any Tim Hortons signage. The company opened a trendy cafe under the pseudonym of "Perfectly Uncomplicated Lattes" to sell its new two-ingredient drink.

New café opening in actual shipping container in Dublin’s city centre

DUBLIN, Repblic of Ireland – Dublin is home to an abundance of cafes - big, small, traditional and unique - but this one is sailing in a completely new direction. It's getting hard to stand out in such a congested market - but Container Coffee looks set to make splash by serving straight out of a recycled freight container at 161 Thomas Street.

Singapore’s top baristas compete at National Coffee Championships

SINGAPORE — Although local cafe culture is booming — along with sales — there is not enough appreciation for Singapore’s top baristas and their craft, industry insiders say. That is why coffee competitions such as the Singapore National Coffee Championships are important.

Restaurants Canada launches Making Moments campaign for Canada 150

TORONTO, Canada - We all have a special restaurant moment. What's yours? For Canada 150, Restaurants Canada is launching Making Moments, a campaign to collectively ...

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