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Switzerland ranks third in world per capita consumption of coffee, says survey


MILAN — Last year, the average consumption of coffee in Switzerland hit 1,110 cups per person, according to a survey published on Monday by CafetierSuisse, a catering industry employer’s association. It’s more than three cups a day.

This puts them in third place, behind the Germans with 1246 and Norway, which leads world per capita consumption, with 1315 cups per year.

The average price of a standard cup, a “café crème”, is CHF4.25 ($4.25) in German-speaking Switzerland.

The price is even higher in the Swiss city of Zurich, a global hub for finance and banking.

Coffee breaks are still the cheapest in the capital, Bern, where a cup costs CHF4.10. In French-speaking Switzerland, a “petit noir” is the cheapest caffeine fix.