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Swiss Water completes first commercial production from its new facility in Delta, B.C.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada — Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. yesterdayannounced completion of the first production run of commercial-grade coffee from its Delta, B.C. facility.

This marks the final step in the startup of the initial processing line at the company’s new, technically advanced decaffeination facility and the culmination of a three-year effort to develop additional capacity to service growing demand for its sustainably sourced, chemical free decaffeinated coffees.

The first batch of product is destined for growing international markets focused on the rapidly growing Ready-To-Drink coffee segment.

Like food and beverage consumers worldwide, decaffeinated coffee drinkers are increasingly demanding that their coffee contain no residual chemical solvents. This continues to drive an industry wide migration away from chemical decaffeination processes in favor of 100% chemical free products like Swiss Water Process® coffees.

“We are very excited to complete the first production of coffee from our new Delta facility and that we have a targeted customer group for this additional volume. Our proven quality and our brand speak to the growing desire on the part of consumers to drink delicious tasting coffee all day long without worrying about the affects of caffeine or the potential health impacts of consuming unnecessary chemical solvents,” said Frank Dennis, Swiss Water’s President & CEO.

Swiss Water intends to leverage the additional capacity to extend its long-term growth in the high-quality, 100% chemical free decaffeinated coffee marketplace in North America and internationally.