Monday 15 August 2022

SweetWater Brewing launches plant-based, non-dairy almond milk stout

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ATLANTA, US – SweetWater Brewing Company, LLC (“SweetWater”) has announced the launch of its new and innovative Non-Dairy Almond Milk Stout – a fresh take on classic dairy milk stouts packed with bold flavors, but with a unique twist. This deliciously smooth, dark and tasty brew still has an authentic stout taste balanced with subtle almond sweetness to create the ultimate stout-drinking experience.

SweetWater’s latest tasty brew is skillfully crafted for all beer drinkers and stout lovers with plant-based ingredients that deliver everything you want in a stout plus more. The Non-Dairy Almond Milk Stout rounds out SweetWater’s seasonal beer lineup, with a new twist stout and beer enthusiasts alike can enjoy.

By incorporating almond milk, SweetWater’s non-dairy brand adds a lightly sweetened tang to its stout, along with rich aromas of roasted coffee, milk and dark chocolates. The beer is expertly blended to achieve a light-bodied taste.

“Our goal with crafting a dairy-free brew was to brew a milk stout for today’s consumer, one that breaks the mold from what we’re used to seeing on the market,” said Brian Miesieski, Chief Marketing Officer at SweetWater. “We’re very excited to introduce an innovative new stout that stays true to the tasty flavoring of traditional full-flavored authentic milk stouts, but future-forward given the non-dairy milks that consumers have taken to today.”

The new brew echoes the SweetWater motto of Don’t Float the Mainstream!, as its smooth profile and easy drinkability captures the adventurous 420 lifestyle the craft brewery famously embraces, but with a twist. With an ABV of 5.4%, SweetWater’s new stout delivers on the high-quality and flavor of SweetWater’s full line of inventive beers.

“Using real almonds and all-natural ingredients, we integrated the sweetness brought by the dark chocolate aromas and almond flavoring you find in a typical stout, but offset by the non-dairy ingredients and drinkability,” said Brewmaster Mark Medlin. “This stout will give craft beer lovers a tasty beer to savor for the fall and beyond, pairing well with the pub or any better beer-drinking occasion.”

SweetWater’s Non-Dairy Almond Milk Stout is a catch and release seasonal feature, available for a limited time only in 6pk and seasonal variety pack 12oz cans, as well as flowing on draft beginning Aug. 31 through the end of 2021.

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