Friday 31 March 2023

Swedish chain Wayne’s Coffee opens on Berlin’s leading shopping street

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BERLIN, Germany – Wayne’s Coffee, a Swedish coffee chain based in Stockholm, has recently opened a shop on Berlin’s leading shopping street. The new Wayne’s Coffee, next to the entrance to train station Friedrichstraße.

The aim is for the new coffee shop to provide a place where the city’s eco-aware residents can kick back and relax. The address at Georgenstraße 14-18 is right next to the train station, on one of Berlin’s best – and longest – shopping streets.

Running 3.5 km north to south from Mitte to Kreuzberg, Friedrichstraße, like the train station of the same name, is a natural hub for many Berliners.

Mats Hörnell, CEO of Wayne’s Coffee, is clear that the new coffee shop is the perfect fit for the city:

“Berlin is a natural home for Wayne’s. It’s a young city with a vibrant cultural scene, it’s outward-looking and embraces anything new and exciting. Berliners will hopefully love our organic profile and goal-driven environmental work, as well as the superb coffee and delicious pastries.

“Sometimes we need to make a few changes to adapt to the local culture, but not here. In Germany, we’ve felt right at home from day one. It’s also easier somewhere where Sweden already has such a positive image.”

A nation of coffee lovers

Germany is a market of over 80 million people. But, as Mats Hörnell explains, the attraction is about more than just size:

Germany is a coffee-loving nation, just like Sweden. In fact, the Germans are the third biggest coffee drinkers in Europe, and the country has over 40,000 cafés, but relatively few coffee shops. Our aim is to get Germans drinking coffee in a welcoming coffee-focused environment.

“Our journey in Germany has only just begun. There is huge potential, and we have ambitious plans to roll out new venues along the motorways and in the cities. Opening the coffee shop on Friedrichstraße gets us off to a flying start.”

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