Saturday 21 May 2022

SWEDEN – Löfbergs named one of the Career Companies 2015

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Löfbergs is one of Sweden’s 100 most exciting companies in which to make a career according to a new inquiry.

Thousands of Swedish companies have been scrutinized, and the family-owned coffee roaster Löfbergs entered the top list for the first time.

– It is great to be recognised like this! This is an acknowledgement that we are an attractive employer with great career and development opportunities, says Helena Eriksson, HR manager at Löfbergs.

Employee engagement in top

Every year, Jobtip lists Sweden’s 100 most exciting companies in which to make a career.

Thousands of companies are scrutinized based on career and development opportunities, employee engagement, international scope, internal and external employer branding and much more.

– We are extra pleased that we got top marks when it comes to employee engagement, says Helena Eriksson.

The jury’s reasons for selecting Löfbergs as a Career Company are:

“In its work to reward equality in the work place, Löfbergs has made great investments in its talent programme that brings out female talents with potential to management positions.

The global group also offers international career opportunities for its employees as it has its own companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia and England. Add to that a solid sustainability work that permeates the entire organization and it is clear that Löfbergs is one of Sweden’s Career Companies 2015.”

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