Sunday 23 January 2022

SWEDEN – Fairtrade labelled capsule – a favourite among young master chefs

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Löfbergs let Sweden’s Junior National Culinary Team test their capsule favourites. And the winner is? A classic and Fairtrade labelled fine-grind coffee: White Rainbow.
White Rainbow has a floral and elegant flavour and is a perfect accompaniment to a freshly baked and juicy sponge cake. The fact that the coffee is Fairtrade labelled is naturally an additional plus, says Ludwig Tjörnemo from Sweden’s Junior National Culinary Team, who ordinarily works at Esperanto in Stockholm.
White Rainbow is a traditional rich filter coffee with sweetness and fine acidity, made from a blend of selected Fairtrade coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. On second place, we find Pink Tornado as well as Kharisma, followed by Medium Roast that is both organic and Fairtrade labelled.
Sweden’s Junior National Culinary Team consists of eight chefs, who are 18 to 25 years old. The team represents Sweden in international gastronomic competitions. The main goal right now is to defend Sweden’s gold medal at the Culinary Olympics in 2016.
The capsule favourites of the Junior National Culinary Team:

  • White Rainbow – A traditional rich Fairtrade labelled filter coffee with sweetness and fine acidity.
  • Pink Tornado – A rich and heavy traditional espresso coffee with a lingering taste sensation of bread and chocolate. Kharisma A dark and strong coffee with a nutty aroma and fresh hints of citrus.
  • Mellanrost – An organic and Fairtrade labelled filter coffee with a medium body and a touch of acidity and a nice long-lasting finish

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