Wednesday 07 December 2022

SWEDEN – Anna Nordström is taking coffee to another level

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There is a lot going on for Anna Nordström from Löfbergs right now. Two weeks ago, she organized the world’s highest coffee cupping. Last week, she went to London and came back with a unique certificate from The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).
“The coffee cupping at an altitude of 26.000 feet was a real high, but the certificate from the SCAE lifted me up even more. I am now an Authorized SCAE Trainer, which is really valuable in the world of coffee, says Anna Nordström, speciality coffee manager at Löfbergs and member of the Swedish National Barista Team.”

TOP LEVEL – SCAE is an international organization for coffee experts and enthusiasts. The members range from baristas, café owners and machine suppliers for coffee roasters. The association works with increasing the knowledge and the quality in the industry as well as with the coffee consumers.
SCAE has a genuine education and certification system, and Anna Nordström has now reached the highest level: Authorized SCAE Trainer. This requires unique knowledge and skills, and when you have met the requirements you have the right to educate other coffee experts within the framework of the SCAE.

THE WORLD’S HIGHEST AND FASTEST COFFEE CUPPING – Anna Nordström is the speciality coffee manager at Löfbergs and member of the Swedish National Barista Team. She has been awarded with a gold medal at the Swedish Cupping Championship and a bronze medal at the World Cup Tasters Championship.
At Löfbergs, one of her important assignments is to educate and inspire customers. That is how she ended up at Malmö Aviation’s flight between Stockholm and Östersund the week before last. On the flight, she offered the world’s highest (26.000 ft) and fastest (420 mph) coffee cupping.
“It was amazing! The environment and the circumstances were so special, and I got so much positive response from the passengers. Many people might drink their coffee without too much reflection, that is why it so great to see others experiencing completely new flavours and aromas, says Anna Nordström.”

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