Friday 09 December 2022

SUSTAINABILITY – Science backs Rainforest Alliance certified coffee

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New York, NY, US – Given the choice, most consumers would like to support environmental sustainability and the well being of farmworkers by purchasing certified products.

But with the proliferation of certification seals over the past few years, it can be difficult to assess the true impact of various systems.

That’s where science comes in. Check out the highlights from our third-party study of coffee farms in the Cundinamarca and Santander regions of Colombia, conducted by the Cenicafe research institute.

The conclusions are a ringing endorsement of Rainforest Alliance certification—and proof positive that our sustainable methods benefit workers, boost productivity and protect the health of the land for future generations.

Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms implement best management practices that protect the well being of workers at a significantly higher rate than noncertified farms.

Researchers studied water sanitation, the use of protective equipment for workers, recycling and first-aid training on 72 certified farms and 72 noncertified farms.

They found that certified coffee farms implement best management practices

in these areas at a significantly higher rate than noncertified farms.

Average net revenue ($2029 per hectare) was more than twice as high on certified farms in Santander as on noncertified farms ($813 per hectare) due

to increased productivity

Source: Rainforest Alliance

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