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Sustainability, industry 4.0 and much more in the new Coffee Experts book from Bazzara

Trieste Coffee Experts
Marco and Andrea Bazzara, respectively Quality Control Manager and Sales Export Manager of Bazzara Espresso

TRIESTE, Italy – The Trieste Coffee Experts, as it is now well known, is the event thanks to which Bazzara Communication manages to connect and make the numerous and different Italian coffee realities talk, which well represent the beauty, the good and the well-made of the sector, creating even among competing companies a rich network of knowledge, skills and collaborations.

The event has now been transformed into a book, where we will find many topics, never covered before, which are finally being embraced by the coffee sector.

On the one hand we will talk about sustainability, an ethical choice that every company (but firstly every human being) must adopt, in the respect of the environment that hosts us; on the other hand, no holds barred, about industry 4.0.

The “world of machines” at the service of men? Is this a parable perhaps in the style of Matrix? No, it is simply a reality that the coffee sector has also begun to face and, now as never before, it already represents the present.

We will then read about sustainability together with the Ambassador of Colombia in Rome, Dr. Gloria Isabel Ramírez Rios, and the Director of the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, Dr. Carolina Castaneda who will underline what sustainability means in relation to what is happening in Colombia, land of great coffees.

In the book, we will also find, for instance, the important contribution of Michele Cannone of Lavazza who, thanks to his experience within the Italian giant, will gift everyone with useful suggestions and considerations on how to face this new adventure, as well as provide us with a direct testimony in the field of industry 4.0.

This latter topic will be deepened by the groundbreaking testimony of Giuseppe Biffi of Siemens, which in turn will offer readers the opportunity to draw on information from the leading company of 4.0.

In addition to these, many other topics will be highlighted that are helpful in shedding light on all spheres concerning coffee, from ecology to the world of brewing. It will be a journey into quality, which must always be guaranteed from the green bean to the sustainability of the entire sector.

1500 copies of the book have already been reserved by the most important Italian and international actors of the coffee sector: a great success even before the start. One of the elements of this success has been for instance receiving the confirmation of participation in the project as sponsor and partner by the Rancilio Group, a company of the Ali group: one of the most important realities in the global market of catering equipment.

Franco Bazzara, President of Bazzara, and Gloria Isabel Ramírez Rios, most illustrious Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia in Italy

“In our opinion,” states Andrea Bazzara, Sales Export Manager, “the Coffee Experts book has already had so much success thanks to several factors:

  • Dozens of the biggest names in the coffee world spoke to nearly 200 matters.
  • It is a useful book for all the “links” of the supply chain, starting from baristas and coffee lovers up to roasters, coffee industries, green coffee operators and the new ‘hipsters’: protagonists of the current evolution of the coffee world.
  • It is bilingual (Italian/English): a contribution to exporting the Made in Italy most loved beverage from a cultural and professional point of view all over the world (more than 650 color pages with wonderful illustrations, explanatory graphics and evocative photos).
  • It is intended, as our previous books, to go around the world in fairs and events also thanks to the numerous sponsors of the book who, sharing it with their employees, distributors and end customers, will spread not only their own brand but also that of the other participants thus contributing not only to the wide circulation of the book but also, no less important factor, to “networking in the sector” (the historical goal of the “Bazzara Bros”).
  • An effective showcase and business card for every brand.
  • A support for the candidacy of the Italian espresso to UNESCO.
  • In a situation like the present one, a book to increase one’s knowledge is medicine.”

“Finding all these questions and answers on coffee from the leading experts in the sector in a single ‘manual’ is not so common,” reports Marco Bazzara, “because we, who are part of the sector, never stop learning about the world of coffee.

To quote Socrates ‘It seemed to me extraordinary: knowing the explanation of a thing, knowing why it begins, why it ends, why it is.’ ”