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Super Jolly V Up, T-Tamper, ZM Plus and Omega by Mazzer at Host 2021

Mazzer machines presented at Host 2021
Mazzer machines presented at Host 2021

MILAN, Italy – Host was the perfect opportunity for Mazzer to showcase its brand-new products to the public and for the first time in what seems like forever in person.

The company exhibited four new products in total, the first of which was Super Jolly V Up: a new entry-level coffee grinder intended for any small to medium-sized coffee shops seeking an easy-to-use and reliable appliance.

This was followed by the T-Tamper: a machine that automatically distributes, levels and tamps the ground coffee, thereby optimising both workflow and end results, whilst protecting barista well-being.

The ZM Plus – a top-of-the-range digital coffee grinder – has been designed to easily switch between espresso and filter coffee grinding settings, in turn, making it a particularly flexible tool for speciality coffee. Both the multifunctional set-up and new hybrid burrs guarantee the best results.

And last but not least is Omega – the latest addition to the Mazzer family: a new manual coffee grinder designed to obtain professional coffee shop results both at home and on the road. It is the ideal portable solution for those who wouldn’t dream of compromising on coffee quality.

More information is available on our new site: www.mazzer.com