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Sucafina unveils new brand identity and announces the launch of Sucafina Specialty

Sucafina Specialty

GENEVA, Switzerland – Sucafina announced the Group’s complete rebranding in order to better reflect its evolution and vision to be the leading sustainable “Farm to Roaster” coffee company in the world. The rebranding is yet another step towards solidifying the company’s stance, offerings and direction in the Coffee Industry.

As part of its global rebrand, the Group is also delighted to announce the launch of its new “Sucafina Specialty” business line and website, which will enable customers to manage their positions through an online portal. This portal will also feature easily accessible and comprehensive traceability information and marketing materials.

“The world is evolving, and so are we. We have spent the past few years developing our specialty coffee offering worldwide. In 2009, we launched 32Cup in Europe. In 2017, we founded Sucafina North America, and just last year, we purchased the MTC Group in Asia.” said Nicolas A. Tamari, Sucafina CEO. “32Cup, MTC, and Sucafina North America companies are now operating in their respective markets as “Sucafina Specialty.” He added.

By bringing currently separate specialty entities in Asia Pacific, Europe, MENA, and North America under a single brand, Sucafina is simultaneously merging its resources and expanding its impact. With its new Specialty brand, Sucafina will improve efficiency, which will allow the Company to offer better services and information to customers and suppliers alike.

In addition to increasing value across the supply chain, Sucafina Specialty will also redefine how specialty coffee impacts the industry. The company’s new tagline ‘Source Smart’ is both a call to action and a reflection of this goal.

“For us, specialty is an approach, not just a product. Our rebrand highlights how important specialty is to who we are as a company. Specialty coffee—and Sucafina Specialty—add value that resonates throughout the supply chain,” said Cory Bush, Managing Director of Sucafina Specialty in Europe.

“At Sucafina, we bring three core approaches to everything we do: – Global network, local teams – We build sustainable supply chains that meet the needs of partners. – Focused Innovation – We work to move the industry forward through technology, agronomy, finance, logistics, etc. – Shared value – We drive efficiency and equity across our supply chain.” He added.

Focusing on added value, Sucafina will continue to build sustainable supply chains that share profits equitably among all parties. Innovation through technology and the digitization of supply are core components of this long-term project. When put into practice, these shared goals will result in better traceability, increased transparency, improved efficiency, a more diverse selection of coffee for customers, higher returns for farmers and strengthened reciprocal relationships for everyone.

This global rebranding represents a significant step in the Company’s evolution.

“It reflects the company’s purpose to play a leading role in reshaping our industry by creating sustainable value for all the stakeholders,” said Nicolas A. Tamari. “We are thankful to our team, the partners, and clients that have accompanied us on this journey.”