Saturday 23 September 2023

Storm and MV Agusta, together in London’s flagship store for a unique sensory experience

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LONDON, UK – Beauty, craftsmanship, and technology. When two Italian excellences meet, a unique partnership arises. A customized Storm model has been installed in London’s new MV Agusta flagship store, a welcoming and modern place where design and technology come together. The Storm espresso machine is made of the exclusive Délabré G5 copper, whose manufacturing can confer particular chromatic effects that make it the undisputed protagonist of the coffee corner inside the store.

The bond between these two Italian brands revolves around the sensations and the desire to offer a well-rounded experience, engaging the senses and encouraging to live life to the fullest, pursuing all facets of emotions. MV Agusta and Storm have in common continuous research, innovation and technology, as well as a love for design.

These are the fundamental details that make the customers fall in love, involving them in an authentic lifestyle based on the enhancement of craftsmanship. Both products are assembled by hand with the care that high quality requires.

MV Agusta Flagship store in London

A label with the name of the worker who assembled it is placed on each MV Agusta motorcycle; this is a significant plus that brings the two brands even closer to the awareness that craftsmanship is the new luxury, as an actual form of art.

The Storm model settled in this context is a multi-boiler machine that controls the temperatures for each group and follows the philosophy of eco-sustainability. It is, in fact, 90% recyclable and has an energy-saving function that allows the groups to be put on standby, saving energy. Its shapes have been designed and studied to simplify the relationship between barista and customer and to put the latter at ease, enjoying a moment of relaxation from a good espresso.

“Having the Storm espresso machine within the showroom not only elevates our position in the area as a prominent show-stopping motorcycle showroom; it also allows us to engage with the ever demanding local coffee scene. The design of the machine alone is a major talking point for our visitors; the coffee it can produce with our expert barista at the helm is exceptional. Having these two iconic Italian brands collaborating and pushing the boundaries each in their own right and market is what first drew me to wanting to bring them to London and truly showcase them.” Claudio Tamburrini the owner and Dealer Principal of MV Agusta London.

“The London market is an important reference for Storm’s positioning,” commented Alberto Schiavon, Storm’s Sales Manager. “The brand is young, aims at being international, and this is undoubtedly a cosmopolitan city, a fixed point for the passage of new trends. Having an espresso machine in such a stimulating context and exclusive location, even linked to a historic brand, is an honour, as well as a great opportunity to increase our brand awareness.”

“MV Agusta pursues attitude, like Storm” added Riccardo Comaron, Brand Marketing Specialist for Storm. “It’s not the object itself that counts, but what the enthusiastic can do with that object, the experiences he can have with it. A motorcycle adventure and a sip of espresso always travel on the wave of intensity.”

Storm in the MV Agusta Flagship store in London


Storm is a young brand that mixes passionate craftsmanship and high technology with the vocation of creating a new concept of espresso coffee machines, sharing culture and experimentation. A cutting-edge world around Storm is developed thanks to its state-of-art design, the materials chosen, its gesture and ergonomics in dispensing. A deep bond among machines, people and space is also forged.

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MV Agusta is one of the world’s leading premium motorcycles manufacturers. Based in Varese, in Northern Italy, it crafts legendary racetrack-derived bikes. Iconic design and class-leading performance through advanced technologies and materials make MV Agusta motorcycles admired the world over and celebrated as unique pieces of Motorcycle Art. Since 1945, the brand has evolved to become a point of reference in the industry, having won 37 World Championship titles. A record still undisputed.

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