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Stop The Spread Solutions now offers Covid-19 rapid Antigen Test kits

Stop The Spread Solutions

LONDON, UK – Stop The Spread Solutions, offering the United Kingdom’s only fully touchless PPE vending machine, now offers Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test kits. Results are available within 15 minutes directly to your mobile phone or on the device itself. They are fully certified and approved by the UK government with over 98 percent accuracy.

Henry Farrelly, managing director at STS, explains that these are ideal for travelers, people who do not want to encounter other people after being exposed or those that hope to keep themselves and others safe by testing as often as needed.

He says, “As we head into the holidays when everyone is hoping to feel comfortable traveling and visiting with family, testing is one part of the solution. Offering these rapid testing kits allows people to achieve some peace of mind, as well as have physical proof of an immediate result.”

Designed for use in high-traffic public areas where the use of PPE is required, STS vending machines began offering hand sanitizer and face masks earlier this year and are now adding test kits to the products available. Businesses can acquire a machine for free, sharing in the proceeds from sales and even getting its energy use reimbursed by Stop The Spread Solutions.

To view the machine in action, click here. The kits retail for £39.99 and are available in all STS machines and on its website at https://www.stopthespreadsolutions.com/store/p/rapid-covid-test-kit.