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STŌK single serve beverages redefine the cold-brew coffee experience

STŌK cold-brew

BROOMFIELD, Colo., U.S. – Cold-brew coffee has experienced a major increase in popularity in recent years, with cold brew sales increasing by 580 percent since 2011 and 100 percent growth between January and September 2016 alone 1.

With the release of STŌK Single Serve Cold-Brew Coffee, operators and retailers can offer the one-of-a-kind smooth flavor of cold brew without the labor and time required in craft coffee brewing.

STŌK Single Serve 13.7 oz. bottles are available in Mocha, Vanilla and Not Too Sweet Black varieties made with simple ingredients, such as coffee, reduced fat milk and cane sugar.

To learn more, visit www.danonewaveawayfromhome.com.

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