Sunday 04 June 2023

Startup Hatfields London release innovative NitroPress coffee maker

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LONDON, UK — The nitro coffee megatrend has been growing in recent years and with major coffee chains continuing to expand their nitro coffee offering across the world – it shows no sign of slowing.

Serving cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen creates an extra smooth taste and silky mouthfeel similar to a stout beer. Right now, it has to be served through high investment draught coffee systems, with inherent wastage of unused coffee and taking up valuable front of house/bar space – Hatfields said.

Draught coffee systems are fantastic in busy stores with high demand. They are fast, and easy to operate – allowing retailers to reduce takt time from order through to customer serving. However, unless there is demand for very high volumes, they can be inefficient.

The NitroPress™ offers an alternative and more flexible method of serving this popular coffee option, whilst also making it easier to customise the coffee. Flavoured syrups can be added to bring a world of variance to the highly competitive retail and casual dining sectors.

Managing Director and Mechanical Engineer, Jack Hatfield said:

‘As part of our vision to make nitro coffee accessible to all, we took the original concept and optimised it – stripping out complexities to keep it simple. The goal was to place a NitroPress™ in front of anyone and for them to intuitively work out how to use it. When combined with an excellent quality cold brew coffee, the NitroPress™ offers an unrivalled customer product experience.’

The handheld dispenser combines with pure nitrogen gas cartridges developed especially for this purpose. The unit is filled with coffee and pressurised. Flow controlled portions are served through the special nozzle, designed to create the cascading effect and ultra-smooth foam head, as with stout beer.

From building original prototypes and patenting the technology –  through to full production, the start-up NitroPress™ story continues to grow. Hatfields hopes to inspire the catering industry, enabling them to bring innovative new beverage options to customers around the globe.

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