Thursday 09 February 2023

Starbucks to expand Teavana into packaged tea category in U.S. Grocery

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SEATTLE, U.S. — Starbucks today announced the introduction of Teavana packaged tea where groceries are sold. The selection of six premium tea sachets are inspired by consumers’ favorite Teavana blends and will be available beginning this summer, expanding nationally throughout 2018.

The expansion into grocery stores builds upon the success of the Teavana brand in Starbucks stores and allows consumers to bring the vibrant flavor experience of their favorite Teavana blends home.

Teavana and Refreshment at U.S. company-operated Starbucks stores grew 14 percent, fiscal 2018 year-to-date.

“The launch of Teavana packaged tea in grocery is just the beginning of the journey to bring consumers some of their Teavana favorites in a new, accessible format where they purchase their groceries,” said John Culver, group president, International, Channel Development, and Global Coffee & Tea.

“Since our acquisition of Teavana five years ago, we have continued to innovate within the tea category and build distribution outside of Starbucks stores,” said Culver.

“We remain committed to executing our plan to increase our tea business to $3 billion over the next five years through Starbucks global retail, packaged tea, and ready-to-drink premium Teavana Craft Iced Teas.”

New Teavana Packaged Tea

Teavana is a vibrant tea brand that provides unique taste experiences across various tea types and flavor profiles.

Teavana teas are expertly blended by Teavna teaologists, who build layers of delicious flavors, which include the highest-quality full pieces of tea, real fruit and botanicals – tastes you can see.

The six different flavors are: Youthberry, Peach Tranquility, Citrus Lavender, Jade Citrus Mint, Imperial Spiced Chai, Earl Grey Crème.

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