Saturday 25 June 2022

Starbucks donates 2 million coffee seeds to rebuild Puerto Rico’s coffee industry

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SEATTLE, U.S. — In a show of solidarity and support for rejuvenating Puerto Rico’s once-thriving coffee industry, Starbucks announced Tuesday that it is donating 2 million disease-resilient seeds to help farmers on the hurricane-ravaged island reboot the coffee industry.

In addition, The Starbucks Foundation and the Fonalledas Foundation (part of Starbucks’ licensing partner in Puerto Rico) are partnering with World Coffee Research, a nonprofit committed to enhancing quality coffee production, to improve coffee seed quality and create a more sustainable future for Puerto Rican coffee farmers.

“We have an opportunity and a responsibility to be part of creating a future for coffee farmers in Puerto Rico,” said Michelle Burns, Starbucks’ senior vice president, Global Coffee & Tea. “Providing seeds may sound simple, but that’s what gets directly to the farmer. It’s the purest example of our ability to have a direct impact.”

Starbucks has partnered to form a task force of farmers, officials, academics and non-profits, including Hispanic Federation founder Luis Miranda.

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