Thursday 01 June 2023

Spreafico expands and diversifies operations, introduces two new brands

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CALOLZIOCORTE, Italy – After a successful 2016, which saw an increase in orders and revenue, the Italian company prepares for future challenges by expanding and diversifying its activities.

In the next months, Spreafico will create two brands: Spreafico Automation, which will keep focusing on the designing and marketing of automated machines for the filling of coffee and soluble products and Spreafico Meccanica, specialized in the production of precision mechanical components for the automation industry.

Both brands will be controlled by the company’s owners and will work closely together to deliver a more efficient service to the client.

Evaluation and outlook

2016 was a great year for Spreafico, having obtained a large quantity of orders from national and international companies, with plants delivered all over the world and machines that can boast high performances and an increased flexibility.

As a result, the Italian company increased its revenue of more than 30% and was able to expand its staff, that is now made up of about forty engineers and designers, in addition to the efficient sales and marketing personnel, focused on all aspects of the global market.

Thanks to the market’s recognition, the company decided not to just follow the trends but to anticipate them, adopting an organizational structure that allows it to maximize time and expertise, increasing efficiency.

That is why, after the 2016 constitution of an internal team focused on research and development, Spreafico chose to divide its activities, acquiring new facilities and adopting a new structure.

Two brands, one soul

Starting from mid-year onwards, the current Headquarter will be moved to a new building, where, under the brand “Spreafico Automazion”, the company will continue with the design, construction and fitting activities of machines and full plants for the filling of capsules with coffee and soluble products.

“Spreafico Meccanica” will start as an offshoot of Spreafico Automazion.

It will be a division entirely focused on the construction of precision mechanical components and it will continue to operate out of the current facilities, mostly working for its “big sister”, but also for other companies: the expertise of 40 years on the market, combined with the current production structure – that can count on an ample set of cutting-edge machine tools and production methods – will allow the company to support several businesses in the mechanical engineering industry.

Innovation at the market’s service

The Italian company is also continuing its efforts to expand its portfolio, which, by the end of the year, will see the debut of new machines that will cover the entire market, with choices ranging from two to twelve lanes.

As usual, it will be possible to configure the machines with specific systems, in order to increase their flexibility and the level of customization, to meet the specific needs of the client.

In fact, Spreafico can already offer not only filling and sealing machines, but also plants for the preparation of the capsule, which can take care of the insertion of the paper filter inside the capsule.

Generally, Spreafico continues to fine tune the current technologies to deliver increasingly efficient solutions, both in terms of line performance and product processing.

For this reason, the company has recently established a partnership with the Polytechnic University of Milan to produce in depth studies into the behavior of thermoplastic materials in different production conditions.

Last but not least, the commitment to trade fairs keeps being strong, as the staff will be present at the industry’s main events, with the Host fair in Milan being the culmination of a year that promises to be particularly intense.

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