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SPoT Coffee enters client services agreement with Stockhouse Publishing

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TORONTO, Canada – SPoT Coffee announces that it has entered into a Client Services Agreement with Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. (“Stockhouse”) to keep its shareholders informed about the Company’s present status and 2021-2023 growth plans, to implement an effective marketing plan to support the Company’s business and financial plans, and to lay the groundwork for the Company’s upcoming expansion plans.

Social media distribution and quarterly email distribution of information concerning the Company’s progress toward achieving new milestones, as well as interviews with the senior management of SPoT, will be included in the line of partnership services that Stockhouse will be offering the Company. The management of SPoT believes these services are essential to improve transparency and generate confidence in the growth plan of the Company.

“Our partnership with Stockhouse will deliver timely and reliable information to our shareholders, stakeholders and employees about the resilient concept and business model that has helped the Company emerge from the recent pandemic on solid ground and prepared for expansion,” said John Lorenzo , Chairman and CEO of SPoT.

“Our management team, as well as our franchisees, have performed admirably under pressure over the course of the past 15 months. Due to their combined efforts, we expect to soon be able to deliver a message of measured and profitable growth to the market, and we have great confidence in the ability of Stockhouse to assist us in doing so.”

“Stockhouse is always looking for companies with strong fundamentals that we can introduce to our massive retail investor community. SPoT has done incredibly well despite a global pandemic by focusing on the customer experience and being very selective on location. We’re excited to partner with SPoT Coffee and help bring their story to one of the largest retail investor communities in North America ,” said Twila Jensen , Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Stockhouse.