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Special T and Kusmi Tea join forces to launch a new range of tea capsules

MILAN – Kusmi Tea and Special.T are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of jointly created tea capsules. As of March 2019, this new range will be available across Europe via special-t.com and kusmitea.com, and in Kusmi Tea boutiques in France, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg, as well as in Nestlé shops in Switzerland.

Consumers will also be able to purchase a Special.T tea machine from the same stores.

“We are pleased to launch the first tea capsules that combine Kusmi Tea’s ‘savoir faire’ with the tea expertise and patented technology of Special.T. We are confident that great innovation will ensure our growing success,” said Catherine Bailly, Business Head of SPECIAL.T.

The two brands are bringing consumers four of Kusmi Tea’s most iconic blends:

  • Anastasia, the historical Earl Grey that blends black tea leaves with bergamot, lemon and subtle orange blossom notes.
  • White Anastasia, the daring and delicate Anastasia blend with a white tea base.
  • Imperial Label, a delicate green tea flavoured with orange and cinnamon.
  • Be Cool, an infusion of plants, liquorice and peppermint.

Consumers will now be able to enjoy the full flavour of Kusmi Tea’s blends, perfectly brewed and beautifully enhanced thanks to Special.T.

“Whether it is in loose tea format, tea bags or now in capsules, everyone will be able to enjoy Kusmi Tea in their favorite format. We are delighted about this partnership that will bring the best brewing system to the best tea,” said Sylvain Orebi, CEO of Kusmi Tea.
Kusmi Tea® has been drawing on French expertise to blend exceptional teas for the past 150 years, and has an extensive network of premium stores. Special.T by Nestlé boasts expertise in selecting and preserving quality teas, and uses proprietary patented brewing technology that is unique.

About Special.T by Nestlé

Special.T launched its first tea machine in 2010, giving consumers the ability to brew every cup of tea at exactly the right temperature for exactly the right time, simply at the push of a button. The brand is currently marketed across Japan and Europe. It commercialises a range of tea machines along with over 40 different varieties of tea capsules, filled with tea and herbal infusions from some of the very best plantations in China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and South Africa. For further details, see special-t.com.

About Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea has cultivated both tradition and modernity while creating original, iconic recipes for the last 150 years. Its blends are the result of authentic know-how and are produced and packaged using the finest raw materials in its workshops in France. Kusmi Tea represents the meeting of flavours, cultures, and colours, and has always embodied the beauty of blends and the joy of sharing.