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SOUTH KOREA – Angel-in-us Coffee offers discounted coffee for polite orders

SEOUL – South Korean coffee shop chain Angel-in-us Coffee is launching a special event where coffee prices are discounted or increased depending on a customer’s politeness when ordering.

In the event “Warm-hearted Word – Call My Name,” to be held on the first Wednesday of every month, the coffee chain from the Korean-Japanese conglomerate Lotte Group offers 50 percent discounted drinks to customers who order politely by using the name of the barista.

For example, if you order an Americano by saying, “Mr. or Ms ‘barista,’ please give me a tasty Americano,” you can get an Americano for half price.

If you just say “An Americano, please,” a 20 percent discount will be offered, and if you order without saying “please,” there will be no discount.

However, if you order in an impolite manner, such as just saying “Americano,” the price will increase by 50 percent.

An official at Angel-in-us Coffee said, “The event was prepared to promote respect and care among customers and baristas.”