Wednesday 25 May 2022

SourceUp’s new platform will link agri-commodity companies with sustainability initiatives

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UTRECHT, The Netherlands – SourceUp has launched its new platform to link agri-commodity companies with multi-stakeholder initiatives in producing regions. Companies and coalitions in producing regions can use SourceUp to work together on supply chain transparency and sustainable agri-commodity sourcing.

The platform is the result of three years of work by PepsiCo, PCI – Mato Grosso, Unilever, Mars, IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative, JDE, Conservation International, World Resources Institute, Trase, Iseal Alliance, Tropical Forest Alliance and Proforest.

“SourceUp’s focus on local ownership and the involvement of other companies gives promise for success. IDH has convened a number of companies such as, Pepsico, Musim Mas (palm oil producer) and Unilever to all work in parallel, so you can start to develop the critical mass that is required for this level,” said Reuben Blackie, Manager of Sustainable Agriculture (APAC and AMESA), PepsiCo.

“It makes all the difference to have this involvement with the field, to really understand the complexity of the production chain until it reaches the top,” stated Lucio Vicente, Head of Sustainability at Grupo Carrefour Brasil.

“For almost ten years, all coffee products originating from our PPI compact in Krong Nang district have always met the market requirement of Glyphosate residue. I attribute this success to the fruitful partnership with IDH, JDE, local authorities, and especially farmers. JDE is our committed buyer,” commented Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Sustainability Manager of SIMEXCO.

“SourceUp is a platform that links landscapes to companies in markets so that they can work together on a shared agenda and move it forward to tackle environmental, economic, and social issues that cannot be tackled at the individual level. SourceUp clearly defines the role of buying companies and of multi-stakeholder coalitions,” concluded Daan Wensing, CEO, IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative.

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