Monday 17 January 2022

SUSTAINABILITY – UTZ presents Impact Report 2014

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – The UTZ Impact Report was launched on 21 January 2014. The studies summarized in this report examine the impact of UTZ certification in the field. They indicate that implementing good agricultural practices on UTZ certified farms results in higher yields and better quality crops.

The impact of training on the UTZ Code of Conduct is significant in helping farmers to improve their knowledge and adopt professional farming practices like record keeping and efficient use of fertilizer and pesticides. As a result, farmers can increase their income earning capacity.

Life on UTZ farms is shown to be better for farmers, workers and their families.

UTZ certified farmers have a better understanding of how their cooperative works, which increases knowledge sharing on different topics. There is improved access to sanitation facilities and clean drinking water, and better safety facilities. Very importantly, children from UTZ certified farms are more likely to attend school.


These improvements are reflected in higher satisfaction levels among UTZ farmers. The studies also show that there is a growing positive impact for the environment with UTZ certified farmers taking more steps to protect water quality, to reduce pollution and to preserve trees and biodiversity.

The research also illustrates challenges that need to be addressed to strengthen the impact of the work of UTZ Certified. In some cases, for example, farmers have not been able to achieve the premium they expected when they joined UTZ.

Other challenges like illiteracy and lack of access to finance have made it difficult for some farmers to invest in sustainable farming measures and to gain the full benefits of participation in UTZ. Access to certification for smaller farmers was also highlighted as a challenge.

Additional work is needed to address these challenges and to increase the reach of UTZ to as many farmers as possible, working towards our mission to create a world where sustainable farming is the norm

You can read the full report here (pdf file).

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