Friday 02 December 2022

Slayer Espesso Machines under spotlight at MICE

The company will present in Australia the Slayer Espresso V3, the Slayer Single Group, the Slayer Steam EP and the Slayer Steam LP

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Slayer Espresso Machines machines will be shown at MICE 2022, September 27-3 in Melbourne, Australia, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Prepared for Barabino, September 2022. It is possible to access to the event entry on the website clicking here.

Welcome to Slayer

Slayer is driven by an obsession with making coffee better. The company believes better tools can shape better experiences for baristas, technicians, roasters, cafe operators and coffee drinkers.

Handcrafted in Seattle since 2007, this year saw Slayer renew the company commitment to make the world’s best espresso machines by investing in a new, larger, more modern production facility. Slayer brings a taste of hand-made experience to its booth at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2022.

Full product line shown

Slayer Espresso V3

Slayer’s flagship product. Uncompromisingly manual and completely focused on extraction. It is the only espresso machine that lets the customer precisely and consistently control the flow rate of water allowing to grind coffee finer and develop incredible flavor profiles.

The Slayer Espresso V3 will be built in Slayer booth over the course of the show by a veteran member of the production team.

The ultimate coffee professional’s tool.  This machine provides flow rate control via patented needle-valve technology allowing the barista to extract espresso that is unparalleled in flavor and mouthfeel.

It comes equipped with an independent brew tank per group for impeccable temperature stability and a dedicated tank for unlimited steam capacity. The Slayer Espresso is unmatched in innovation and capabilities.

Slayer Single Group

Slayer Single group is the dream machine. Whether it’s the cornerstone of a cafe or the prize jewel in the kitchen, the Slayer Espresso Single Group is unmatched in design and innovative technologies.

Fully equipped with patented needle-valve technology for ultimate flow rate control, an independent brew tank for impeccable temperature stability, a commercial group head, and an individual tank for unlimited steam capacity.

slayer espresso
Slayer Espresso Single Group (image: Slayer Espresso)

Steam and pull shots simultaneously and continuously without pressure drops or temperature loss. The customer will have all the necessary tools to extract the best flavors from each coffee over and over again. This machine was built for commercial use, but fits right in at home, too.

Slayer Steam EP

Slayer Steam EP takes the needs of today’s modern specialty coffee businesses, and brings  ‘entry-level’ to a higher standard. With individual brew boilers, no steam valve rebuilds and easy to program volumetric output this is the benchmark for specialty coffee espresso machines.

slayer espresso
The Slayer Steam EP (image: Slayer Espresso)

Perfect for multi locations/chain cafes who need a push button/volumetric output machine. Drive-thru coffee stands, multi roaster cafes, mom & pop cafes, etc.

Specialty Coffee deserves nothing less.  Slayer believes the customer is entitled to the temperature stability afforded by individual group boilers, quick and easy to access volumetric dosing, and high-quality parts that require less maintenance over time.

Slayer worked behind the bar, operated cafes, and serviced machines. That’s whySlayer is  able to include thoughtful features like a programmable Pre-Wet phase, massive drip tray to work on, low counter height for customer engagement, and easy access to internal parts.

Designed with the needs of the modern cafe in mind, Steam EP was made for coffee people, by coffee people.

Slayer Steam LP

Slayer Steam LP provides access to easy manual pressure profiling and excellent espresso extraction. Volumetric outputs are easily repeated by “recording” recipes as you dial in– the customer can then “playback” the same consistent shot all day using the paddle actuator. This machine provides baristas with advanced-level brewing techniques and easy repeatability, which Slayer makes it the barista’s dream machine.

The barista’s dream machine.  A dream come true for those seeking accuracy through pressure profiling and repeatability functions. Easily extract delicious espresso every time with programmable pre-infusion and volumetric output settings.

The customer will experience the best of both worlds with the LP’s ability to work in both manual and volumetric modes. This incredibly intuitive machine can record the customer’s settings while making a coffee, making it easy to make the same great shot all day without fail.  The perfect tool to maximize the customer’s coffee experience on every level.

Coffee service in booth

Slayer will have the following guests in its booth at MICE:


  • Blume – Modern Coffee Roasters
  • Flight Coffee


  • Micrology Coffee Roasters
  • Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters


  • Pablo & Rustys Coffee Roasters
  • Padre Coffee


  • Dukes Coffee Roasters
  • Tattooed Sailor Coffee Roasters

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