Wednesday 29 June 2022

Slayer, a Gruppo Cimbali brand, attends Bar Show on May 30-31st in Rome

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ROME, Italy – Slayer, a Gruppo Cimbali brand that is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional espresso machines, will attend the second edition of Bar Show, the International Bar&Beverage trade show in Rome, an Italian event devoted to the beverage industry and the world of mixology.

Slayer at the Bar Show in Rome

In the historical setting of Rome’s Palazzo Dei Congressi, brands, owners and managers of bars, restaurants and hotels, distributors, importers and exporters will meet to learn about and promote all the latest developments in the industry through a full calendar of activities including educational seminars, workshops and tastings on Monday 30 May and Tuesday 31 May.

Slayer Espresso Single Group

The Gruppo Cimbali brand, which handcrafts high-end espresso machines in Seattle, will exhibit its Slayer Espresso Single Group at the Slayer Coffee Village, an area entirely dedicated to coffee.

A number of important brand ambassadors in the coffee industry will be hosted right here, such as Pergamino Cafè, Garage Coffee Bros, Lot Zero, Bugan Coffee Lab, mirò manufactura de café, Caffè Cognetti Micro Torrefazione, Pierre Cafè and naturally Slayer Espresso.

slayer rome
The Slayer Espresso Single Group (photo credits by Omnicomprgroup)

For two days, at eight stations within the Slayer Coffee Village, top professionals and coffee lovers will come together to share knowledge, experiences, tips and demonstrations relating to one of the world’s most beloved drinks. Coffee tastings and coffee drinks with roasts from roasters from different parts of the world are scheduled to offer a unique and comprehensive coffee experience.

The Bar Show in Rome

The Bar Show will be an opportunity to discover the Slayer Espresso Single Group, a must-have for those who want to stay abreast of new coffee trends, boasting a peerless design and innovative technology.

Slayer has always brought the passion, tradition, quality and culture of coffee to the world of baristas, enabling them to brew outstanding cups of coffee every day thanks to its continuous search for innovative solutions, attention to detail and attention to design.

Today, with its Slayer Single Group, the company is bringing luxury to the art of coffee: a dream come true for those seeking flavour profiling thanks to the addition of programmable pre-infusion and repeatability functions.

Moreover, the endless customization options – featuring a choice of finishes for the side panels, back panel, and X-brackets, as well as wood for the actuators and rail – make it the ideal product for any style of decor, not only in a bar, but also at home. A true dream machine.

The event is organized in partnership with the Gruppo Cimbali Rome branch. Opened in 2019 following a full renovation with functional and modern spaces, the Rome office has a showroom dedicated to Gruppo Cimbali’s products and a training room, MUMAC Academy’s Training Centre, where courses are held on coffee making, coffee culture and Gruppo Cimbali’s espresso machine technologies.

About Slayer

For over 15 years, Slayer – a Gruppo Cimbali brand since 2017 – has been handcrafting high-end espresso machines in its production plant in Seattle, USA. Since 2007, the brand has been leading the way in the production of luxury espresso machines for international customers.

Its incessant pursuit of innovative solutions, attention to detail and special focus on design allow Slayer to convey the passion, tradition, quality and culture of coffee to the world of baristas.

Among the most representative products is the Slayer Espresso Single Group, a machine with a modern, sophisticated design, an intuitive interface and exclusive technical solutions that make it a distinctive product in the home bar trend.

With Slayer Espresso and the Steam line, Slayer has won numerous awards over the years, such as the Luxury Lifestyle Award and the “Best New Product” title from the Specialty Coffee Association of America and World of Coffee.

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