Wednesday 29 March 2023

Fire Department is hosting a virtual coffee toast to first responders on St. Patrick’s Day

Jason Patton of Fire Department Chronicles and Firefighter Fenton team up for a toast to health on Friday, March 17 at 3pm ET

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ROCKFORD, Ill., USA – Fire Department Coffee, a veteran-owned business that is dedicated to handcrafting great-tasting coffee and supporting first responders, is hosting a ‘Virtual Coffee Toast to First Responders’ on St. Patrick’s Day, a notoriously busy day for the first responder community.

The livestream toast is inspired by “Slainté”, an Irish toast meaning ‘health,’ or ‘to your health,’ and will be co-streamed from the FireDeptCoffee Instagram/Facebook account and the Fire Department Chronicles Instagram/Facebook account on Friday, March 17 at 3pm ET.

All are invited to join this free event, led by influential creators and firefighters Jason Patton of Fire Department Chronicles and Firefighter Fenton.

Together, they will toast to first responders for their dedication and hard work on St. Patrick’s Day and every day of the year, and underscore Fire Dept. Coffee’s commitment to giving back to sick and injured first responders through its Fire Department Coffee Foundation.

For those tuning in, there will be Fire Dept. Coffee giveaways, including bags of its popular Irish Whiskey Infused Coffee and first-of-its-kind ready-to-drink Nitro Irish Coffee. Both varieties feature coffee beans that are infused with premium whiskey before roasting out the alcohol, leaving behind only the spirit’s bold aroma, natural flavors, and familiar taste – a proprietary process Fire Dept. Coffee introduced in 2016.

To join the toast, visit any of the below on Friday, March 17 at 3pm ET:

Fire Dept. Coffee Instagram – @FireDeptCoffee
Fire Dept. Coffee Facebook – @FireDeptCoffee
Fire Department Chronicles Instagram – @FireDepartmentChronicles
Fire Dept. Chronicles Facebook – @FireDepartmentChronicles

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