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Skratch Labs introduces new, larger size of chocolate Sport Recovery Drink Mix

Skratch Labs

MILAN – Skratch Labs announced the release of a new size of Sport Recovery Drink Mix Chocolate. This 1200g, 24-serving bag offers an answer to the consumer feedback the brand received that the 600g, 12-serving bag was not sufficient for their needs. Chocolate is the first, and currently the only, 1200g bag size for Skratch Labs line of recovery mix, which also includes Horchata and Coffee.

Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix is a convenient way to consume an optimal ratio of carbohydrate and protein (4:1), along with fat and salt to immediately refuel and rehydrate after a tough workout. It is a milk-based recovery mix and a complete source of naturally-occurring protein, plus lactase and a probiotic to aid in digestion and absorption.

Skratch Labs priority was to craft a drink mix that improved recovery, measured by real performance. Based on scientific literature, chocolate milk does this job better than many recovery drink products available to athletes.

This reminded the company to keep things simple and reinforced its belief in real food as a staple of athletic performance. Unlike chocolate milk, Skratch Labes knew it could make a product that did not contain excess ingredients like xantham gum, emulsifiers and flavoring agents but had a longer shelf life and was easier to travel with.