Thursday 05 October 2023

Simonelli Group: when nanotech can be useful for barista’s work

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The technological research that has distinguished Nuova Simonelli for years has reached a new milestone. With the application of nanotechnology, the Nuova Simonelli R&D department has developed a steam wand that provides a maximum guarantee for hygiene.

Thanks to a specific surface treatment that changes the molecular characteristics of stainless steel, the new steam wand reduces milk scales and, consequently, simplifies cleaning even further, with ergonomic benefits for the barista’s job.

NANOTECH has enabled to develop the steam wand with a special certified formulation which changes, at the molecular scale, the chemical and physical properties of the treated surface.

It is not, therefore, a simple coating, but a stainless steel surface with physical characteristics modified at the molecular level. Introduced at the HOST2015 Milan, the new steam wand is easier to clean, more durable and more resistant against calcium deposits.

A new hygienic and ergonomic breakthrough that Nuova Simonelli has studied and designed to allow baristas around the world to work safety and offer excellent drinks every time.

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