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Simonelli Group ends 9-year partnership with World Barista Championsip

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Following the conclusion of the World Barista Championship in Seoul, Simonelli Group issued yesterday the following press release.

After the World Barista Championship in Seoul, the nine-year partnership of Simonelli Group ends.

It was extremely stimulating and very pleasurable. That is why we want to thank all the baristas, judges, volunteers and people at World Coffee Events for the excellent cooperation and mutual support.

We are proud to be part of this, contributing the World Barista Championship and the specialty coffee community to reach these levels of excellence.

Nine years meant 674 final competitions, with Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia and Aurelia II and Victoria Arduino’s VA388 Black Eagle, without any technical call.

This is also a record for the WBC for which we are proud of.

Behind all this there has been a huge work, but above all dedication and passion, feelings shared by Simonelli Group team to the WCE and baristas.

Simonelli group will definitely continue to support the Specialty community as we share the same values.

We wish the World Barista Championship the very best in continuing this long run.