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Simonelli Group continues to support its customers despite Covid-19

Simonelli Group

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Following the decisions taken by the Italian Government to contain the spreading of the COVID-19 in Italy, Simonelli Group will delay the opening of its production and delivery departments.

However, the company is still able to guarantee all its technical, sale, administrative and marketing assistance services, and thanks to smartworking, all its employees are ready and active to support customers at the best of their ability.

“I believe that never as in these moments values such as attention to people, sense of belonging to a community, solidarity are the most important things to get out of this crisis- said Fabio Ceccarani, Simonelli Group CEO.

“In some ways, Covid-19 is proof for all of us that sustainability, in its broadest sense, is not just a trendy label with which to fill our companies’ mission, vision and purpose. Now is the time to act and do it all together”.