Thursday 05 October 2023

Simonelli Group’s convention gathers 300 professionals and SCA’s leaders

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Following the company’s successful participation to Host Milano, almost 300 coffee professionals from all over the world gathered in Belforte del Chienti at Simonelli Group’s headquarters for a party event on Wednesday.

Also attending the convention, the Specialty Coffee Association’s top management team including SCA’s CEO Ric Rhinehart, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Yannis Apostolopoulos and the Executive Director Paul Stark.

Nostalgico Futuro

Under the claim, “Nostalgico Futuro” (“Nostalgic Future”) a meeting on innovation was held discussing the new challenges facing Simonelli Group and the espresso machines industry as a whole.

The meeting gathered Simonelli Group’s resellers and distributors from almost 60 countries (especially from Asia and the Americas) making up 50% of the company’s overall revenue.

The Rector of the University of Camerino Fabio Corradini took part to the meeting holding a presentation, together with Simonelli Group’s Chairman Nando Ottavi, focusing scientific and technological cooperation with Simonelli Group.

Discussion Panel

A panel moderated by former WCB champion James Hoffman saw the participation of SCA’s top personalities and Simonelli’s Group CEO Fabio Ceccarani. Following the panel, an immersive guest Q&A session on the future of coffee and beyond.

Production Area

Attendees visited the company’s production area, where 35,000 machines get assembled every year for the brands Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino.

Simonelli Groups’s revenue reached EUR77 million in 2016. The company boasts 18 product lines covering traditional and super-automatic espresso coffee machines and grinders.

Simonelli’s Research Centre opens its doors

For once, the Simonelli’s Research Centre was also opened to visitors to display quality testing as well as Research & Development activities.

Simonelli Group’s new headquarters in Belforte del Chienti

The new 3,000 m2 building has several floors and a direct connection to the technical and production area. It includes a management and operational area, meeting rooms, showroom and the company Museum.

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