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Sgpia organises roundtable in New York with Sustainable Harvest and Coocentral


NEW YORK, U.S. – The Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs (SGPIA) invites to participate in a conversation with Sustainable Harvest, a coffee importer, and Coocentral, a Colombian coffee farmer cooperative.

Participants will have a chance to taste coffees and learn about the challenges that farmers face and threaten their livelihoods.

Is Coffee Sustainable? A Roundtable on Production, Trade and Community in the Coffee Industry

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 12:00 am to 12:00 am

25 E 13th Street Parsons East Building, Room 206

25 E 13th New York, NY, 10003



  • Chris London
  • Paolo Gagliano
  • Elena Teare

Transdisciplinary Design: Megan Willy

Global Studies:

Daniela Ochoa


Yeimy Lorena Celis

Sustainable Harvest:

Jaime Pockrandt

Presented by the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs.