Thursday 09 February 2023

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso announces new opening in Hong Kong

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HONG KONG – Segafredo Zanetti Espresso has recently opened a new outlet inside the K11 Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The district of Tsim Sha Tsui is a cape on the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula and one of the main shopping areas in Hong Kong.

It is also a major tourist hub with numerous shops and restaurants. Many of Hong Kong’s museums are also located in the area.

The impressive K11 Mall includes 130 shops, a supermarket and many restaurants. In addition, the complex also avails of the top quality Hyatt Regency Hotel and a residential complex of about 350 units.

The  new concept is located on the ground floor on Hanoi Road, which is daily crossed by thousands of people who stop by for a drink or a light meal.

The menu features Segafredo coffee, fruit juices, sandwiches, salads, desserts and a variety of frozen Granitas. The most popular drinks are the Caffe latte and the Mezzo Mezzo.

SourceMZB Group

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