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Second edition of the Panettone World Championship at Host

(credits: HostMilano)

MILAN, Italy – From Milan to the rest of the world, and back: Panettone, the Milanese symbol par excellence, returns to Host after the success of 2019 to celebrate, in the leading global event of hospitality, the second edition of the Panettone World Championship, organized by the Academy of the Masters of Mother yeast and Italian Panettone that will elect the best traditional artisan panettone in the world. An event that is fully placed among the place-to-be within the rich agenda of the exhibition, designed specifically to show those who still do not know the particularities of a dessert that, from the Duomo, first crossed the regional borders, to get to the five corners of the planet.

In total, 20 panettone will compete with each other during the final of the competition (at fieramilano, on October 24), selected after the semifinal that will take place at ALMA – The International School of Italian Cuisine, in the heart of the Food Valley, on October 22.

The choice of the winner will be up to the Technical Jury made up of leading names on the Italian and international scene – including Mother Yeast Masters, chefs, pastry chefs, Master bakers – such as Maestro Leonardo Di Carlo, chef Davide Oldani, the Master Ezio Marinato, chef Cristina Lunardini, chef Paco Torreblanca, Maestro Maurizio Bonanomi and Maestro Claudio Gatti.

The quality jury, on the other hand, will award the best panettone based on the evaluations expressed by gourmet experts and industry journalists such as Luigi Cremona, Eleonora Cozzella, Marco Colognese, Mariarosaria Bruno, Francesco Seminara, Margo Schachter, Indira Fassioni, Rosita Dorigo.

The novelty of the 2021 edition will then be that of the popular jury, made up of a heterogeneous audience of fans, elected by lot.

But that’s not all, because in addition to proclaiming the best panettone in the world, HostMilano will be the stage for a series of meetings and conferences dedicated to Mother Yeast with the Academy of Master Yeast and Italian Panettone. At the center of the in-depth analysis, conducted and moderated by technicians, Mother Yeast Masters, pastry chefs, bakers and experts, there will be all the most current issues of a constantly evolving sector: from the processing methods of Mother Yeast, to their management and conservation; from the techniques of cooling the dough to the recovery of by-products; from the ways to extend the shelf life to the cooling of the first dough; from marketing and communication techniques to the candying process; from taste innovation to e-commerce.