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Seattle startup Atomo develops world’s first molecular coffee


SEATTLE, U.S. — Today, Atomo announced the development of the world’s first molecular coffee containing no coffee beans. By reverse-engineering the coffee bean, Atomo has created a naturally-derived and sustainable coffee with the same caffeine you’d expect and no harsh acid or bitterness.

Atomo was conceived by food scientist Jarret Stopforth, Ph.D. “I love coffee, but every day I was adding cream and sugar to mask coffee’s bitter flavor,” said Stopforth. “By replicating the taste, aroma and mouthfeel of coffee, we’ve designed a better tasting coffee that’s also better for the environment.”


Atomo ground coffee can be used substituted ounce-for-ounce with regular ground coffee – in drip machines, French presses, Aeropresses, refillable K-Cups, pourovers: whatever fuels your morning cup of Joe.

Better the environment

In January 2019, a study was released by Science Magazine stating that 60 percent of the world’s coffee species were in danger of going extinct in the next 50 years due to climate change, population expansion, and disease. And every day — right now — forests are being mowed down to make room for new coffee plantations. Atomo’s coffee is produced without the need for deforestation or pesticides. “We believe we have a moral obligation to stop harmful coffee farming practices, but none of us want to stop drinking coffee,” said Andy Kleitsch, CEO of Atomo. “Atomo’s technology can halt the need for further deforestation by reducing the demand for coffee beans.”

Atomo’s Kickstarter campaign

By participating in Atomo’s Kickstarter campaign, contributors can be the first to receive Atomo’s molecular coffee to conduct their own coffee challenge, pitting their regular morning brew against the new cup from Atomo. The Kickstarter campaign launched today. https://kck.st/2Bs2Gjv

Atomo is scheduled for commercial release in Q4, 2019.

Facebook: AtomoMolecularCoffee

Instagram: @AtomoCoffee