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Rust-resistant variety scores 90 points in Nicaragua CoE competition

COLLEGE STATION, TX, U.S. – A coffee variety called Centroamericano, part of a new class of F1 hybrid varieties, has proven its quality potential by earning a score of 90 out of 100 points in the world’s leading competition and award for high quality coffees, the Cup of Excellence, in Nicaragua.

UK Liberal Democrats target disposable coffee cups in Manifesto pledge

LONDON, UK – A Liberal Democrat pledge to impose a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups has been blasted as a “knee jerk reaction to the media”. The plan will be included in the party’s manifesto for June’s General Election. It also forms part of a ‘Zero Waste Act’, incorporating a 70% recycling target.

City of Seoul to team up with coffeehouse chains for recycling effort

SEOUL, South Korea – The Seoul Metropolitan Government is teaming up with major coffeehouse chains in South Korea for a new recycling project that will see a weekly dose of coffee grounds reused as fertilizer and disposable cups collected for recycling, as part of a new environmental initiative set to kick off next month.

ENSO-neutral and El Niño nearly equally favoured over the next 6 months

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, U.S. – ENSO-neutral persisted during April, with near-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) observed across the central equatorial Pacific and above-average SSTs in the eastern Pacific. The latest weekly Niño index values were +0.5°C in the Niño-3 and Niño-3.4 regions, and +0.3 and +0.8°C in the Niño-4 and ...

Costa’s parent company flicks switch to 100 percent renewable power

LONDON – Parent company of Costa Coffee and Premier Inn confirms its UK operations are now running using 100 per cent renewable power. Customers visiting thousands of hotels and coffee shops across the UK can now be assured that they are using 100 per cent renewable power, after hospitality giant Whitbread yesterday confirmed ...

Temperatures in Puerto Rico represent a challenge for coffee growers

WASHIGTON, U.S. – Climate projections indicate Puerto Rico may be warmer and drier, likely impacting one of the Island's most iconic crops. This could result in less-favorable growing conditions in the coming decades for coffee. A new study by the USDA Caribbean Climate Hub shows that if greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures continue ...

Energy-efficiency and environmental respect with ReiCat catalytic units

GELNHAUSEN, Germany – ReiCat develops, produces and installs worldwide process plants for gas treatment. Their main goal is to deliver efficient and environmental-friendly systems with minimal energy consumption. The emission of gaseous and dust contaminations is unavoidable in almost all industrial processes.

Nespresso to test pilot recycling program for single-serve pods in the UK

LONDON, UK – Coffee company Nespresso is rolling out a six-month pilot recycling program for its single-use, aluminum capsules in the UK. Beginning this week, Nespresso Club members in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea will be able to recycle their used capsules via special purple bags provided by the coffee company.

Saving coffee: Scientists search for plants to solve production deficit

MANILA – The coffee industry has tapped scientists to find plants more adaptable to a changing climate after an alarming four-year deficit in coffee production, according to a Bloomberg report. The report cites that the World Coffee Research Institute is scouring countries for plant varieties and doing experiments to see which plants can survive ...

ENSO still neutral, but tropical Pacific waters continue to warm, say BOM

MELBOURNE, Australia – The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains neutral. However the Bureau's ENSO Outlook is currently at El Niño WATCH, meaning there is around a 50% chance—twice the normal likelihood—of El Niño developing in 2017.