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Scae Uk Brewers Cup semi finalists announced

Following a busy brewing weekend we have our 12 semi-finalists for this years SCAE UK Brewers Cup Competition.
The 12 will compete at the London Coffee Festival on Thursday 7th April for one of 6 places in the final the following day; Friday 8th April.

Thank you to everyone who helped put on an amazing event!

The semi-finalists are:

Name                                                  Open/Compulsory          Total

Jeremy Challender, Prufrock                                 79.79/77.00        156.78
Jack Henderson, Origin Coffee                             84.24/71.83        156.07
Josh Tarlo, Origin Coffee                                     83.58/71.92        155.51
Daniel Say, Union Hand Roasted                          81.98/73.30        155.28
Edward Greenall, Origin coffee                             81.77/72.58        154.35
Simon Clark, Climpsons                                      81.25/71.33        152.58
Anthony Piper, Climpsons                                    77.81/70.40        148.21
Alison Bell, BLK Coffee                                        76.09/71.67        147.76
Edward Anderson Brown, Vagabond                     72.29/73.50        145.79
John Gibson, Brew Lab                                       76.36/68.00        144.36
Hyungeun Kim, Milk Bar / Flat White                     74.78/69.16        143.95
Liam Field, Macintyre Coffee                                 72.92/69.75        142.67