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SCAE Italia releases Barista Skills Foundation Handbook

On Monday the 19th December the SCAE Barista Skills Foundation Handbook (Manuale Abilità del Barista – Livello Base) started to be distributed through SCAE ITALIA’s Company Members and ASTs in Italy.

This is the first of three educational books edited by SCAE ITALIA to complement the official curriculum of the Coffee Diploma System Barista Skills course.

This project, announced some time ago but now coming to fruition, puts SCAE ITALIA at the forefront of efforts to improve the competence of café workers.  It will help to shape authoritative espresso professionals, capable of enhancing the quality of products and significantly increasing the standard of offering in coffee bars.

Description of the new book

70 page paperback volume

Printed in colour on premium grade glossy paper

Illustrated with educational artwork

Created expressly for students of the Coffee Diploma System

SCAE ITALIA is extremely proud to be the first SCAE chapter to publish an official Barista Handbook following the precepts of the SCAE Coffee Diploma System.

The SCAE Coffee Diploma System is the most authoritative and comprehensive curriculum which covers all aspects of the coffee world. Its successful popularisation has, in no small part, been thanks to the work of SCAE ASTs, (the trainers authorised to certify this programme of study).

The publication of a set of official handbooks affirms the importance of SCAE as the most authoritative and influential association for the promotion of quality coffee, while maintaining Italy’s link to espresso as a method of extraction and enhancing the figure of the professional barista.

SCAE ITALIA is confident that this valuable tool will help many ASTs, members, baristas and coffee lovers within the association.

Moreover, as it provides an insight into the format of SCAE CDS training, the handbook is very likely to appeal to students at vocational institutions and baristas, both beginners and professionals, who wish to embark on a serious path of career growth or consolidate their skills.